Our Story

Handcrafting premium spirits from grain to glass using authentic ingredients grown by local farmers. Every detail is considered in what we craft and how you experience it.

At Coppercraft, we have a certain way of doing things. It’s simply who we are and how we craft our spirits and your experience. Creating a legacy that embraces hard work and celebrates our community of family and friends. We’re proud to be an American distillery. Honored to open our doors to the community. Loving what we do. Having fun doing it. Eager to share the Coppercraft experience with you.

The Story is in the Details

It’s amazing what attention to detail, hard work, and a lot of heart can produce. What once was the Belden Brick and Supply in Holland, Michigan has been transformed into an authentic distillery and tasting room. Friends Walter Catton and Mark Fellwock established Coppercraft Distillery in 2012. The two men shared the dream and the passion to create premium small-batch spirits by hand using local ingredients and share these spirits with the community. Joining them to bring Coppercraft spirits to classically inspired cocktails that genuinely complement the spirits using freshly pressed juices, locally grown herbs and other house-made ingredients is Jenney Grant.

As you step inside, the centerpiece of the business—the genuine Vendome® copper still—which was proudly manufactured in the USA. At 350 gallons, the copper still allows our distillers the ability to create spirits with complexity and character, ultimately delivering a superior product.

Everything at Coppercraft has been done carefully and with much consideration. Keeping the distilling process at the forefront of the building ensures guests will fully embrace the story and art of handcrafted spirits—from the local farms where ingredients are sourced to the precision and time devoted to distilling the mash and bottling the spirits.

The building was gutted to make room for the still, processing equipment grain, storage, and tasting room. Staying true to the heritage of spirits, the owners gave the distillery an old, industrial feel. They have created a warm and inviting space by incorporating re-purposed woods from years past with the right amount of metals that accent the tasting room and processing area.


Currently, we offer rum, gin, vodka and citrus vodka. We also distill many varieties of whiskey, with a focus and passion for bourbon. We have produced a variety of small batch whiskeys, including a high-rye, 100% corn, and a red wheat to name a few. These first three expressions of our whiskies were released in July of 2014 with limited availability.

We feature a seasonally changing cocktail menu. Ingredients in our signature cocktails are sourced from local, independent producers and growers.

Also, we’ve been named the official spirits of Tulip Time 2014 featuring the Coppercraft Tulip Thyme Cocktail.

Tours, Tasting and Events

In our tasting room, we thoughtfully mix cocktails, one drink at a time. The goal isn’t speed, to offer our guests a one of a kind experience. Through shared conversation a story about the spirits or the still is often had. We want to educate folks on the art of distilling and the people who help make it possible, from the local farmers who supply our ingredients to the fourth-generation company that built our still.

Tasting Room Hours

Monday - Saturday 2:00pm - 9:00pm

Sunday - 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Monday - Friday tours at 5:00pm; Saturday tours at 3:00pm and 5:00pm; Sunday tours at 3:00pm

Coppercraft Night School

Join us at the distillery this summer for Coppercraft Night School. We will host 3 cocktail classes this Fall each with a different theme.

Thursday September 25: Cocktails 101 - Learn the basic techniques to rock our your own cocktails at home

Thursday October 23: Cocktails with Fustini’s - Build on your cocktail recipes with oils and vinegars from Fustini’s

Thursday November 20: Holiday Cocktails & Punches - Entertain your guests when you add these holiday libations to your repertoire

Classes run from 6:00pm to 7:30pm, included instruction and cocktails. Cost is $35 for individual class, or $90 if you enroll in all 3. For more information on each event and to purchase individual tickets: http://coppercraftdistillery.eventbrite.com?s=25964855

If you are interested in enrolling in all three classes, contact Jenney at jenney@coppercraftdistillery.com

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Private Events

If you’re interested in holding a private event at our facility shoot us an email at info@coppercraftdistillery.com







Monday - Thursday 4:00pm to 9:00pm

Friday and Saturday 2pm - 10pm

Sunday 2:00pm to 6:00pm


Coppercraft Distillery

184 120th Avenue, Holland, Michigan 49424



How To Get The Most Out of Your Applejack

Ever since September 26th the distillery has been on fire. It was on this glorious day that we here at Coppercraft released our Applejack Brandy. A gorgeous late September day to say the least and inside the distillery we were slamming. Us folks behind the bar were cranking out cocktails furiously to a line of people that seemingly grew longer and longer. To be on the other side must have been fascinating and with good cause.

Applejack is about as American as it gets, contains 32 varieties of Michigan apples and tastes down right splendid. The question is, what do you do with such a unique spirit? My friends, you drink it. Many debates and conversations about Applejack stem from how to enjoy it and believe me, it’s impossible to not enjoy Applejack. Rather, I am here to clear the air and let the people know how to get the full worth of this phenomenal spirit.

First, you can’t be scared of the Applejack. You can make cocktails and you can pair flavor profiles. You are a champion of the Applejack. Personally though, I keep it simple. The Applejack Sidecar is a go to cocktail of mine. The acidity and tartness of the cocktail leaves anyone with a beating heart and oxygen to their brain refreshed. Our house made Triple Sec and freshly squeezed lemon juice complement our spirit well without overpowering it. They are good buddies with the Applejack and realize they must let it shine through. I fully approve and support entertaining guests with the Applejack Sidecar.

Now, that was difficult for me because it’s not the most authentic way of consuming this spirit. As I mentioned earlier, I keep it elementary. As I move forward, pay close attention as not to miss a beat. The first step is the spirit. Swing by and see us at Coppercraft. Pick up a bottle of Applejack, though we prefer to sell by the case. Anyone of our brilliant and resourceful Tasting Room Assistants would be much obliged to help you. After that, pick up a tray for making large ice cubes. While this is not a necessity, I highly suggest and prefer this method of cube making. Once frozen, you are good to go. The Applejack does not discriminate so you can drink out of any available container. Pour up your two ounces of Applejack and insert cube. Stir until chilled and realize that you’re getting the most out of your Applejack in all its glory.

Here at Coppercraft we are extremely proud of our spirits. All of them are fantastic and should avoid being drown out by ridiculous flavors or mixers. We put in all of our time and effort to make our spirits taste awesome and we want to share them with you. Applejack is an exceptional example of this. Cocktails are amazing and we’re constantly working to come up with the best ones all while showcasing the taste of our spirits. Applejack is an extraordinary spirit and by simply placing a cube in it, you start to open that spirit, explore it’s numerous layers, and realize just how remarkable it is. There are so many ways to enjoy Applejack but if you want in on our stories, emotions, hard work, craftsmanship and to join us on the adventure that is Coppercraft you must get the most out of your Applejack and drink it as Applejack.

How To Get The Most Out of Your Applejack