Our Spirits

Currently, we offer rum, gin, vodka and citrus vodka. We also distill many varieties of whiskey, with a focus and passion for bourbon. We have produced a variety of small batch whiskeys, including a high-rye, 100% corn, and a red wheat to name a few. These first three expressions of our whiskies were released in July of 2014 with limited availability.

We feature a seasonally changing cocktail menu. Ingredients in our signature cocktails are sourced from local, independent producers and growers.

Also, we’ve been named the official spirits of Tulip Time 2014 featuring the Coppercraft Tulip Thyme Cocktail.


Mon-Wed: 4pm-11pm
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Friday: 2pm-Midnight
Saturday: 11am-Midnight
Sunday: 11am-7pm


This Genever was made from soft white winter wheat sourced from West Michigan Farms. The grain was ground at DeZwaan, Holland's historic dutch windmill.


Fresh, bright Michigan apples welcome your nose and palate, followed by sweet vanilla and butterscotch as it moves across your tongue; finishing with a hint of tart apple and spice.
Coppercraft Distillery Corn Whiskey

Corn Whiskey

The flavor accentuates corn, showing off its sweetness. As it moves across your palate, you detect caramel flavors pulled from the barrel's charred interior.

Wheat Whiskey

Award Winning! Opens with a sweetness on the tip of your tongue, followed by notes of soft, dry, oat flavor. Finishes with the presence of toffee.

Rye Whiskey

Award Winning! As it moves across your palate, you'll notice hints of dried cocoa and malt, then distinct rye flavor at the back that leaves notes of peppercorn spice. Finishes smooth with a hint of sweetness.

Citrus Vodka

A balance of infused oranges, lemons and grapefruit leaves you with a warm finishing zest and completely refreshed palate.


Thirteen botanicals contribute to the rare complexity. Starts clear with a hint of juniper followed by orange, finishing with cinnamon, nutmeg and dry, earthy pine notes.


Award Winning! Locally sourced molasses and evaporated cane juice create a gentle, natural flavor. Apple and pear notes complement traces of vanilla and caramel for a smooth honey finish.


100% premium corn lends a slight sweetness and a welcome fullness with a warm, sweet finish that leaves a clean, neutral palate.

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