Why Copper?

Stills are traditionally made of copper because the metal attracts sulfur compounds, which if left in, adds unwanted flavors to the alcohol.

Pickle Barrel Wood

We have dark wood running up the wall alongside the bar. That’s pickle barrel wood made from 200-year-old white cyprus trees that were in service at Heinz for 100 years!

Whiskey vs. Whisky?

The only difference is where it is produced. In the United States and Ireland, it is spelled Whiskey. In Canada, Scotland and Japan, Whisky drops the “E”.


In New Jersey, Applejack was used as currency to pay road construction crews during the Colonial period.

Angel’s Share

The “Angle’s Share” or “Angel’s Tax” refers to the 2-5% of whiskey that evaporates every year per barrel during aging.

Kentucky Bourbon

There are over 5 million barrels of Bourbon in Kentucky and only 3.9 million residents.

Bourbon Facts

Although Bourbon has been rumored to have been in production since the 1700s, it wasn’t until 1964 that the Federal Government mandated Bourbon be a product of the USA.

Why White Oak?

Charred white-oak barrels are used in the aging process because of their ability to interact with the whiskey. There are 38 identifiable flavors that come out of the oak throughout the aging process.

From Grain to Glass

The corn and grains used in our Bourbon come from Don Boersen’s farm right here in Holland.


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